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суббота, 6 октября 2012 г.

Ukrainian society is continuing fighting for truth.

A few students have been found guilty in the case of using a fire of the tomb of Unknown Soldier in Kievfor food preparation and sentenced to three years of prison.
According to Kiev Post one of the students made a comment why they did such action.

While “The Brotherhood of St. Lucas” have been suspended, the most vulgar and criminal group of extremists - FEMEN is continuing their work of humiliation of Ukrainian women and Ukrainian society all over the world. Over 10 criminal cases opened on their name are closed. No courts, no jail, no penalties for FEMEN. This unfair judgement could indirectly prove a presence of political (criminal) “roof” above vulgarly extreme group of women.

Ukrainian society is continuing fighting against unfair laws and blindness of Ukrainian politics, who should suspended themselves for disrespect to veterans and old people, in the light of the fact that they assign pension to veterans to the tune of 140$ per month, not those students from The Brotherhood of St. Lucas. 

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